DIY Tutorial: Mirrored Collars


While I’m (still) working on another DIY project, I did a quick one this morning to make up for my lack of tutorials lately!

Inspiration: I’ve wanted to make a detachable collar with a mirrored surface for some time (no idea why), but it wasn’t until I saw Lucinda‘s post on her prismatic shoes that I realized that it was totally DIYable- with old CDs.



What you will need:

  • Unwanted Shirt
  • An old CD, or two, depending on how much surface you want to cover.
  • Basin/Old Container that can fit the CD nicely. (You might want to throw this away when you’re done)
  • A Chopstick
  • A pair of scissors (that you’re, preferably, willing to part with)
  • Uhu Glue



  1. Cut out the collar from the shirt.
  2. Place the CD into the container, and pour boiling water into the container. (Be careful and use a cup or something!)
  3. Wait for 1-2 minutes. (Go watch an advertisement, or two.)

  4. Use the chopstick to remove the CD from the container.
  5. Make sure the CD isn’t hot enough to scald your hand, then use your scissors to cut the CD. Don’t cut the CD all the way through!

  6. It should now be possible for you to peel your CD into two layers- the reflective side, ..and the other one.

  7. Sometimes the CD’s reflective side may be translucent. This is unacceptable.
  8. Cut the CD out into angular shapes, then place them on your collar to see if you like it. (That photograph is not a good example! I think that it looks better when the pieces are smaller.)
  9. When you’re pleased with what you see, carefully glue the pieces on your collar.



Final Result:



Failed Example:


I actually wanted the pieces to coat the collar completely, but I’m just lazy not a fan of shiny objects. So keep nail polish remover handy cause it helps to remove glue too!


I’ll post photos of myself wearing the collar soon. I hope you liked this tutorial!

If anyone attempts it I’d be really flattered etc and I would love to see the final product!


Lots of Love,

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