Underground Market No. 4 Preview!

Underground Market is returning for it’s 4th edition this Sunday, 8th December!! It’s all I’ve been going on and on about via Instagram lately – judging from the previews from the rest (check out hashtag #UndergroundMarket) it’s going to be SO GOOD.

Nicole (as in NC Wong), Sonia & Mash-Up will be joining us (meaning Arissa, Emma, Linda, Pia & Venetia) at da flea, and you should be as excited as I am, cause I have seen Sonia’s ridiculous stash of unworn Topshop apparel and it is GLORIOUS.

Plus!! I’ve scored such amazing deals from the girls over the past few editions: I remember Arissa selling House of Holland stockings for 10 SGD and Venetia selling her Topshop tops at 3 SGD. They’re all so stylish haiya trust me you can’t go wrong!

On my end, I’m basically selling everything I own. I hauled some of the pieces out for a shoot then photoshopped them to death, because my new name is Lenne Excessive Effort Chai.

Besides these I have 5 luggages filled with clothes that I’m going to sell – so please help me clear my wardrobe guys! I probably only grabbed what’s on top of my luggage to shoot, so there are MANY other great pieces that I didn’t lug out to shoot haha.

Everything is priced between 3 SGD to 20 SGD, with the exception of some of the spechul items in this post.

Peacock lace dress from Esprit, $15

Vintage dress from Koenji St in Tokyo, $12

Super amazing condition how did my mom keep this so well vintage jacket from Paris, $30

Black dress with no exciting description but barely worn, $10

Dress Facehunter spotted me in, $12

Something I got in Tokyo, $10

Brand new baby blue dress, $12

And I wasn’t kidding about selling everything I own, cause I’m letting go of these brand new Pretty Cure toys that I bought YEARS ago that are practically vintage by now. In minty mint condition! The one on the right is basically Tamagotchi but with interactive features that were suprisingly advanced?! I actually bought 2 of those so this is the one I didn’t play on :x

~Please stop judging me and provide these babies a loving home instead~

I’m also giving up my legit Givenchys cause I’m totally incapable of walking on any elevated surface #loser

200 SGD, Amazing condition and I think there might be a lifetime warranty – I’ll bring the original box!

I’ve worn them a grand total of 2 magical times, and they’ve never made it beyond my void deck. (I considered wearing them for fashion week once, but I gingerly went back up and changed out of them instead)


Some other pieces I’m selling

Gliiiittery ASOS cropped bomber-shaped jacket, $15

Top with pretty sleeves, $12; Beautifully glittery ASOS skirt, $18

Wow I did not realize how much ASOS I owned Skirt, $12


Exclusive: Postcards from Lenne

To live up to my new name, I also produced a collection of postcards using my fashion photographs that will be exclusively sold at Underground Market!

Each postcard comes with a photo on one side, and a handwritten paragraph on the other. I was doing the test prints yesterday, and here’s a preview of how they’ll look:

I actually wrote the blurbs at the back by hand! They’re mostly about the photo featured – such as funny behind-the-scenes moments from the shoot or the inspiration for the shot and so on.

There’s 3 options to choose from:

The complete set (12 designs + 1 handwritten cover): 24 SGD
The assorted set (3 designs + 1 handwritten cover): 8 SGD
And the individual postcards: 3 SGD each!

So each set comes with a handwritten card illustated by Sam (@seatheskies), who has the most beautiful handwriting ever!! She’s made the cards so pretty aaaargh I’ll blog about them once the flea’s ovah :>

In other news, the comments section on my page apparently hasn’t functioning for some months now, and even my host technicians can’t seem to fix it so I guess it’s goodbye to the comments for now :’( I’ve lost all the comments I’ve received over the years too, and it makes me really sad.

Thank you guys for actively joining the discussion throughout the years!! Please stay in touch with me on Facebook or Instagram – till next time! ♥


So it’s on ah. Let’s hang out this weekend. See you at Bash Up’s 90s’ anniversary party this Friday, then Underground Market on Sunday! 不見不散!

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  1. A
    Posted December 5, 2013 at 10:09 pm | Permalink

    Omg, your clothes are amazing! Would definitely be getting both of the skirts (hopefully)! Anyway, what size are you in that Givenchys? Oh, and see you on Sunday! :D

    • Lenne Chai
      Posted December 5, 2013 at 11:26 pm | Permalink

      Aw thank you and I look forward to saying hi! :D The Givenchys are a size 37 :)

  2. jess
    Posted December 10, 2013 at 9:00 am | Permalink

    Hi, just wondering whether you still have “Gliiiittery ASOS cropped bomber-shaped jacket, $15″? Was it sold out at the flea? Would like to get it if you still have it :)

    • Lenne Chai
      Posted December 10, 2013 at 1:27 pm | Permalink

      Hi Jess, I’m afraid it’s sold! However I think the Vintage dress from Koenji and the Baby Blue Dress and the Top/Dress with pretty sleeves is still with me :) Let me know!

  3. Jerilyn
    Posted February 23, 2014 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

    Hi I’m interested in the top with pretty sleeves and last asos skirt! What sizes are they? Could you drop me an email if they are available? Thank you:)

    Also any more items for sale? Love your style!

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