Mash-Up Spring/Summer 2014: Chiang Mai Takes A Holiday

  • Models: Cassie S. & Cameron G. (Mannequin)
  • Grooming: Belinda Betz

Soooooo we had this shoot in April 2013, but the designs only recently hit the stores! Hurry down to Parco to snag them before the mall closes down in a couple of weeks 0.0

It still boggles my mind that fashion designers have to plan so far ahead into the future. They’re practically seers! As I typed that Lorde sang “Sears” and I felt like a seer too.

Mash-Up’s S/S 14 collection is titled Chiang Mai Takes A Holiday (so qt), and it’s my favourite Mash-Up collection yet. If you’re wondering what “Be Nice” signifies, it’s actually a cheeky reference to the handheld (monkeyheld?) signs reminding tourists to be nice to the monkeys.

My favourite thing about Mash-Up clothes is that they’re super comfy, and in fact Nat once told me that they only design clothes that are literally easy to wear. Yay, comfort!

As you may or may not know, photoshoots are totally a gateway drug to shopping and I was sold on the dresses and the denim playsuit.

It’s been so long since that I can’t recall much of what happened at the shoot, besides how we all got incredibly sunburnt. I think we were forced to shoot at noon due to scheduling conflicts – hence the harsh sunlight in these shots. The models weren’t actually smizing or being zoolanders, they were simply squinting to save themselves from going blind.

Oh! Then we had Macs delivered in after. Sigh, priorities…

P.S  Also check out this supercool video that Ling shot for the collection whilst Nat and I were in Melbourne last month!

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  1. Posted March 14, 2014 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

    I love the couple prints. We need to have like this with my boyfriend too.. Ilove the green printed garments.

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