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DIY Tutorial: Comic Book Cap

When I received the news that I’d be a part of a Style: Magazine feature on… style, I panicked because it’s Style: Magazine, and I didn’t have suitable accessories for my look. Being me, my rarely logical brain concluded that I should “simply” DIY something.

Inspired by Grime’s Pussy hat from Genesis, I decided to make an over-the-top baseball cap with things that I love: ang moh comic books and a bunch of other OTT things (that I have yet to add on)!

The only available time frame I had to attempt the DIY was from 4pm to 6pm on Thursday (a day before the shoot lol), in Mash-Up’s store at Parco. Underestimating the amount of time it takes to stick stuff on as usual, I was still working on it while Christian was touching up my hair at, like, 3am. Pretty sure there’s a moral in here somewhere…


What you’ll need


  • 1. Baseball Cap, Daiso, $2
  • 2. Scissors, Stolen from Mash-Up, $0
  • 3. Comic Book, Some shop in Bras Basah Complex, $1.90
  • 4. Sponge Brush, Art Friend, $0.64
  • 5. Mod Podge (Classic Gloss), Art Friend, $4.50

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Five excuses why I don’t blog as much as I should (and why the internet is bad for you)

1. Youtube

I’ve watched nearly all of Natalie Tran’s videos. (Twice.) I subscribe to Charlieissocoollike, NigaHiga, KevJumba, Wongfu Productions, Kassem G, Nerimon, Freddiew… and I love the kids from Kids React. Especially the Asian kid who always looks like he’s high.

I know, I know. I obviously need something more productive to do with my time.

Which is why I spend an awful lot of time impersonating Kim Jong Illah, Norse Korea’s #1 Rapper.


2. Social Media

I can’t be the only person who stones in front of their comp, pressing F5 repeatedly on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr… right?

Speaking of which, you can ask me questions such as why I don’t trim my eyebrows1 over at my Tumblr. Fun, fun, fun, fun.

1 The answer, by the way, is that I do but I haven’t had time to. Time to play the patient card and say that eyebrows weren’t really my priority when I was hospitalized… HBO was.


3. The Glee Project

I’ve watched like, 2 episodes of Glee and just about every single music video from the franchise. I solemly swear that I’m not a Gleek (yet).

I have, however, watched every single episode of The Glee Project. While I thought the first episode was pretty shit, I gave the series a try and the contestants have really grown on me. I’m rooting for Damian McGinty who won me over by proclaiming that he was Jessie’s girl!


4. Books

If you see a zombie staring at her handphone screen, mouth agape, it’s probably just me reading an e-book. Over this past year, I’ve “invested” a lot of time in rereading my old favourites such as Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus Trilogy, plenty of Discworld, everything Neil Gaiman, and a bit too much Meg Cabot.

Ironically, the only type of ~tangible~ book that I still read with are graphic novels, aka ang moh comics for adults. I still love and collect Fables, so don’t ever give me the chance to bore you with my raving review.


To sum it up, I only read children’s books, comics and chick lit. Yes, I am highly disappoint with myself too.


5. Real Life

Sorry, guys. I’m a workaholic- which also means that you guys will get to see more photos from new shoots! #consolationfail
Hopefully I’ll find the time to do a real post soon. Comment and let me know what kind of posts you guys actually want to read? :(


♥ Lenne

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I fought the war, but the war won.

I guess I should warn you in advance that this is going to be a pretty personal post (to me), and I hope that none of you will feel uncomfortable after reading this.

My third and final year in school has just begun, and it’s been pretty uneventful. Until earlier tonight, that is. I had my first lesson in Photojournalism, and we watched a 90-minute long documentary on James Nachtwey, a War Photographer. What we saw today, through the lens of others, made me reconsider a lot about my life, as well as my ambitions.


This left a really strong impression.

I think that this quote from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods will sum up how I feel towards the situation rather aptly:

Without individuals we see only numbers: a thousand dead, a hundred thousand dead, “casualties may rise to a million.”

With individual stories, the statistics become people — but even that is a lie, for the people continue to suffer in numbers that themselves are numbing and meaningless.

Look, see the child’s swollen, swollen belly, and the flies that crawl at the corners of his eyes, his skeletal limbs: will it make it easier for you to know his name, his age, his dreams, his fears? To see him from the inside?

And if it does, are we not doing a disservice to his sister, who lies in the searing dust beside him, a distorted, distended caricature of a human child?

And there, if we feel for them, are they now more important to us than a thousand other children touched by the same famine, a thousand other young lives who will soon be food for the flies’ own myriad squirming children?

We draw our lines around these moments of pain, and remain upon our islands, and they cannot hurt us. They are covered with a smooth, safe, nacreous layer to let them slip, pearllike, from our souls without real pain.

This evening, I reconsidered my shallow ambitions for the first time.

There are few things that I’ve ever had real interest in: Fashion, Design, Cosplay, even Idols (pop or otherwise)- and they all share certain similar traits.

  1. There’s rarely any raw emotion portrayed or captured.
  2. Everything that the public is allowed to see is painstakingly planned and manufactured.

Just yesterday, I was joking about how I didn’t really care about who or what I photographed, as long as I was surrounded by beautiful people. (i.e Post-surgery Korean celebrities)

To cut my very jumbled-up mishmash of thoughts short, It’s not that I just found out that people all over the world were suffering, but for the longest time, I chose to stay indifferent. I had a very, very clear line around those moments of pain.

And although I’m feeling inspired and in awe, no, I did not decide that I would like to become a War Photographer, or in fact, capture disaster/pain on any medium.

However, I’ve decided that I’m going to make an effort to change what I can.

And yes, maybe the money will come from shooting pretty manufactured idols.

On a happier note, a new interview will be posted up tomorrow!
Have a good night.

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I’m currently reading Fragile Things, Neil Gaiman’s collection of short stories related to ghosts.
I was under the impression that I didn’t enjoy short stories as much as I did with full-length novels.
To my delight, Fragile Things proved me wrong.

Someone once asked me what genres of books I liked.
“Anything,” I said.

As I was sharing summaries of the more impactful novels I’d read with Jean over breakfast, I suddenly realised what the one genre I didn’t like was:

Stories that had truth in them captivated me. I’d be totally absorbed in them, wondering what it would be like if such incidents happened to me.

You see, true stories aren’t happy.
Happy non-fiction books don’t make people turn the page.
I hated true stories.
They scare me.

I remember reading a wide range of non-fiction books in Secondary school.
There was A Child Called ‘It’, Torey Hayden’s One Child, and there was Go Ask Alice.

Go Ask Alice had a huge impact on me.
I still remember that at 14 years of age, my perception of the world grew rapidly darker as I read entry after entry of “Alice’s” diary.
(It’s been exposed as partly and possibly even entirely fictional. I feel mildly cheated and scarred.)

After reading these non-fiction books, I would overdose on chick lit to make myself feel better.
Eventually, I stopped reading non-fiction entirely.

In some ways, reading, for me, is even worse than witnessing something traumatic.
My imagination processes whatever I throw it and magnifies it.

I don’t/can’t even watch horror movies, because of my tendency to dream about it for days and days.

Are you amused by how little my mind can take?
I think that it’s funny how I’m so easily frightened by reality too.

Isn’t it ironic?
Despite being a media student, I’d still subconsciously shun the news.

I’m not ignorant enough to think that the world is all in love, but I really do wish that the Holocaust never happened.

On a much happier note,
Happy birthday, Estelle! ♥
Have a sweet, sweet seventeenth.

(I tried to find a nice photo with her and failed. It’s okay though, I’m sure we’ll have plenty more chances :D)

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“Night Watch? Were you inspired by JLA or something?”

I’m thoroughly enjoying my weekend by rotting at home. :D
So far i’ve been enjoying Tegan and Sara, revamping paperpatterns, and more Tegan and Sara.

I have intention of watching the RZ proj’s last ep and poasting a new look on LB.
I had intention of leaving the house too but you can tell how well that went.

Everybody should go to Spinner.com to see Tegan and Sara interview Tegan and Sara. Four peas in a pod!

I love Sainthood (T&S’ latest album), I really do.
It grows on you the way.. well, the way all of Tegan and Sara’s albums do.
I can’t tell if it’s the lack of acoustic songs, but something definitely feels like it’s missing.
Maybe it’s because they sound happier in their own strange heart-on-the-sleeve way :/

This is where I’ve decided to congregate my blogs, and I named it after the most heartbreaking song (to me, of course) in Sainthood.
The first time I heard it, I automatically assumed that it was Sara writing about Emy, and I can’t help but feel sad. ):
I’ve always loved the pairing of Sara+Emy, which is ridiculous because I don’t know them and neither does the media.
But I am a ridiculous person, if you can’t already tell.

Speaking of ridiculousness, I finally bought and read Fables’ The Dark Ages!
It was my cough bedtime story cough, and it sent chills down my spine. I cried a little as well. ;_;

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, it’s a graphic novel set in New York (and various imaginary places) about the struggle of characters from fairytales and folklores who form Fabletown. (Wiki will explain it better, I’m confident.)

I hated War And Pieces, the installment before The Dark Ages, as I felt that it was poorly written, and horribly handled.
After reading The Dark Ages, I realised that well, greater things were to come and I forgive them.

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